Saturday, April 4, 2015

improve self-esteem

Is having low self-esteem (under the psychological ideas of self-esteem) feeling after person did something that hurts others, is that not good.

The way you improve self-esteem is think more highly of your self or love your self more which leads to become more self-centered which is more self love. There is a logic process to the development of self-esteem which is to form self love. The higher self-esteem leads to self-centered ness which can be seen as higher emotional state of self-love then the next stage of development in the logic to the ideas of self-esteem after self-centered ness is narcissism which is the height level of self love.

Self-esteem is what you think and speak about your self while you interact between others and if you have high opinion of your self, that is high self esteem. If you think and speak bad about your self you have low self esteem. If person has high self-esteem can a person do hurtful behavior to others and them self.

Confusion of ideas here can exist within purpose that produce learned self-esteem emotional problems. It is reasonable that the next level of developing self-love which is base in self-esteem is self-centered ness and the highest level of self-esteem is NARCISSISM which is complete love of ones self. Logic would dictate within self-esteem ideas and reasoning more self-esteem is best which develop into the height of self love narcissism.

The idea behind self-esteem is to glorify self-centered ness (self-love) feeling while you interact with others and that promote narcissism.

Self-esteem is a develop idea to deal with what this culture produces in fear on a personal level. So there are physical and emotional fears within people make up and the ideas of self-esteem address emotional fear that affects physical body.

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