Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There is a great misconception about a Christian having self esteem. Self esteem
It is a feeling of confidence, being happy with your own character and abilities. It is also known as self- worth. Self esteem is an indwelling virtue. Unlike self esteem, confidence is dynamic. It is the manifestation of the already accumulated in- dwelling self esteem in you. It is like the kinetic energy of the already potential energy (self esteem).

• Fluency in important languages
• Self righteousness
• Knowledge and understanding/ good skills
• Wealth
• Self righteousness/ morality and many more others
• If I need not possess all, which ones in particular are most needed to have self esteem?
Can we get an absolute source of self esteem? If beauty is a factor of self esteem, as it fades away, your self esteem fades as well.

If our focus turns from the Living God to luxury we worship an Idol. Is beauty really an absolute source of self esteem? Remember that, self esteem comes from within, the true virtue and personality of yourself. Ruth 4:21-22 showed the descendants of Ruth. Everything is about self and irrespective of our background; self esteem can be earned in full.

If money or wealth is the source of self- esteem, then a lasting one is beyond achievement. What was God's response? If you think wealth is the absolute source of self esteem, I urge you to reconsider.  

Physical differences
In summary, the heart is the focal point of self esteem. God persisted but Moses insisted as well. If Moses had listened to God and subdued his inferiority, these events would not have happened. You can as well trust God fully for something special.  

Self Righteousness
People around you may respect you, Love you, and regard you with high esteem, but is it an absolute source of self esteem? (Matthew7:6-7; Matthew 23:1-28). The already explained factors may for a time make you highly esteemed, but are never true sources of self- esteem. Ultimately, the true and only source of self- esteem is God, through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and our Hearts been the medium or determinant factor or focal point in earning absolute self esteem.

On the final note, God is the ultimate source of absolute self- esteem.

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