Saturday, April 4, 2015

CREATIVITY On studying

Creative people are not necessarily professional artists. 

a. Creative People Honor their Creative Impulses
Examples of movie characters portraying creative individuals abound. 

b. Creative People Regard Creating as Healing
Creative people are healers. Creative people do not allow the burdens of life to discourage them. There is no process livelier than the creative process. A modern myth describing how the creative process brings wholeness not only the creative agent but also to those who commune with the creative outcome is Babette's Feast.

c. Creative People Pursue their Projects to Completion
If your creative projects are begun ideas that have never found completion, they do not count as creative endeavors. What causes us to abandon our creative projects and betray the joy of creating? THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A CREATIVE HABIT
A creative habit:

1. Developing a Creative Habit

2. Set time aside and begin the process of developing a creative habit. 

3. From time to time, check your progress of becoming creative by running through the five characteristics of the creative habit described above. 

4. Dare to Be Creative: Some Ideas

5. Interview three people that you consider creative in any domain. Ask them about their creative habits and their relationship to their creativity. 

6. List three activities that drain your creative energy or consume your time from having a creative habit. When are creative you feel free.

On studying the creative process and the creative individual to understand creativity
In the psychology of creativity we have to understand two things -firstly the creative process and secondly the creative individual. 

1. The Creative Process - this includes the definitions of creativity and the mental processes involved in creativity.

2. The Creative Individual - this is about the personality traits of the creative individual, the attributes of genius and the peculiarities of the creative personality Psychological theories have tried to explain both the creative process and the creative individual.
Is there a well-defined creative personality? 

3. Non-conformity - The creative process itself is an act of non-conformity so creative individuals are non-conformists and unconventional.

4. Impulsiveness - Since the creative process is a sudden realization, the creative individual has a love for suddenness and loves to work on impulse. The creative process and creative individual naturally leads the discussion to anomalies in creativity.

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