Thursday, June 6, 2013

Abundance prosperity-Create a Relationship with Money

Abundance prosperity reiki can almost be said to be three redundant words strung together. When you use abundance prosperity reiki, you're accessing the energy fields of your body to create what you want in your life. In other words, you're using the abundance of your energy to create an abundance of prosperity (which in its purest form is also abundance). So what is abundance prosperity reiki and how can you use it?

Abundance prosperity reiki is the use of reiki to achieve a specific goal--the goal of creating what you want to have in your life.

Although receiving training from a reiki instructor or purchasing a reiki book that teaches you to activate your own energetic healing abilities, you can start using abundance prosperity reiki today.

Abundance prosperity reiki is especially powerful because it combines thought with hand positions that encourage proper energy flow. Relax your body.

2. Pay attention to your thoughts. Notice whether your thoughts are thoughts that serve you. Are they empowering thoughts that help you create what you want in life?

If the thoughts aren't thoughts of abundance, after thanking the thoughts, release them. While in this position, invite in thoughts of abundance. That light is the light of abundance. When your mind is filled with that light, your thoughts will be thoughts that attract prosperity.

You can use your body's energy working in concert with your mind to create magic in your life when you use abundance prosperity reiki.

Honoring Money
Too often we equate money with greed, but money can be a spiritual source. We need to recognize that money is a helpful tool, that there is nothing inherently evil about money, and having a lot of money may allow us to serve even more. As someone on the spiritual path, keep your focus on how abundant prosperity can help make your life and all life better.

Create a Relationship with Money
What is your relationship with money? I've learned over the years that I get bored with money, so to have abundant prosperity, I've had to change my attitude. Live with a Generous Heart and Collect Your Debts Be generous; allow money to move in and through you, and at the same time, respect yourself and money enough that you collect any money owed to you. Keep practicing until you become the vision and embody abundant prosperity.

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